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Paul Brosnan, RPA

Armed with a business and finance management degree and holds the RPA designation, Paul has been in the financial industry for 21 years, serving in C-Level and Director roles in automotive, manufacturing, and the healthcare sector. Paul has participated in cross border mergers and acquisitions making him well versed in M&A of small- mid market privately held companies. Paul has a proven track record of attaining corporate mandates, managing projects and leading the day to day financial management of many successful companies. During his tenure, Paul managed budgets up to $200M.

From his many years of practice, Paul has specialized in financial analysis and tax planning, business valuations, interpretation and preparation of financial reports, budgets and proposals, strategic planning to improve operations, improving revenues and reducing expenses in order to meet and exceed budget and grow the business.

Outside of work, Paul enjoys spending time with his family, has a passion for classic cars, and getting his hands dirty under the hood. He is also an avid Star Wars fan.